View Full Version : Refreshed and "lost" my orders!

11-18-11, 04:02 PM
:mad:I'm REALLY anoyed AND I'm really starting to Dislike this game!

I've lost count on how many times it "refreshes" itselfs, grrrrrrr.

All of a sudden my coins, points to the next level, shop inventory and catalog have changed to several hours earlier.

Stating that my orders have "expired" ignoring that I already placed them on the racks (hours ago, and placed new orders), but duhhh, now "lost".

Please refresh my store

kooky panda
11-18-11, 04:19 PM
sounds like you are going on and offline. When you go offline, everything you do will does not get saved on TL servers, that is why you are getting the out of sync messages.
What device and version do you play on? Are on you wifi or cellular? What is version of the game ?(in help menu)