View Full Version : Fix the gifts! Please and thank you.

10-19-10, 10:20 AM
I have 93 neighbors and I send each of them a gift when it is time. They send me gifts (they say, and I have no reason to question that). When I go to "my gifts", they are there(when I get them) When I go to place them, it goes from 2000 or so to 100 plates, which makes no sense, because stew comes in plates of 150. Sometimes, it will say I have 5 gifts. When I tap the icon, it will say I only have one. I accept it and it says I can find it under the my gifts tab. When I go there, nothing. Does anyone else have these or other problems with gifts?

10-20-10, 12:27 AM
Having the same problems, also accepting gifts and then they do not show up at all in "my gifts" !