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11-09-11, 01:16 PM
Greets Fellow NightClub Lovers!

I have been playing Nightclub since it came, I have reached my goals now aswell as been on this "trip" for a while during updates and such, so here's my NightClub Story!

ID: Eldin
Lives: Sweden
Paid for Gems: 2 x 50 Pack at Sale.
Level: 70
Gems now: 27
Cash now: 500.000~
Bakery Size: Max
Mastery Drink Status: Everything finished except the newest ones.
Goals: Finish all the recipes and design my NightClub as I want it to be.
(Realized that I probably wont be able to finish all the Drinks as new ones are coming at the time when I finish the last ones, so I reached my goal here aswell)
What I will do now: Probably wait for new cool updates!
Personal Tip1: Run for Mastering the Drinks and the rest will come by itself.

I will now post some pictures of my NightClub, enjoy!

The Entrance, do you have a ticket for this special night?


My Club even has 3 DJs at the same time!


Once in a while, you might want to sit down after hours of dancing!


VIP Lounge, only for the big spenders! (Want to fix this some)


Big overviews, the dancefloor even "hides" a message!


So what about everything else? What did I experience and what do I think?

The Bad Things: (-)
-The Developers are setting out "Gem" traps (as what I believe...) to make us use them against our will. How hard can it be to set up "Are you sure that you want to finish your Drinks for 5 Gems?"
-The Gems are way to expensive comparing to what you get, you can buy a pack and get 1-2 Gem Items for it. A VERY HIGH Gem item should be around 20-30. Some are 40-50, I mean wtf?
-All the Walls and Floor Tiles that costs Gems should be 1 Gem only or 2 at top. Only someone that is insane would spend "alot" of real money to get 300 Gems to get the Floor or Walls that you want right now and to cover the entire NightClub.
-The Items costs ALOT of Gems if it is a few % extra cool, sometimes even 50% less would be to much.
-The most updates are all about Gems, I do understand that this is a company and it needs money to continue, I just think that everything could be made abit better so people feel they get something for their money, not get robbed. I paid twice myself as I wanted a few items, but also to support you guys for doing this.
-The Developers don't "care" or "think" when doing some updates, old players ALWAYS "loose" on new updates even if we also love them. Example: You now get 2 Free Gems per finished "Dish". I finished them all, what do I get? I got a punch in my face. Thank You for that Team Lava. Can't be that hard to "Script" so everyone that already made it get Gems for it or simply add another "Mastery lvl 5" so we could get atleast one Gem for every dish aswell as alot of more to finish.
-The forum basic is great as those ones are, seen it alot at other communitys, however, you can not make a "profile" with forum signature, picture and other stuff that is really important on a community, welcome to the year of 2011 Team Lava! Rofl. (Can't even edit posts everywhere...)
-The NightClub Story seem to always get updates with expensive Gem items, uhm?

The Great Things: (+)
+Weekly updates!
+The Developers often listen to what the people wants and make those updates!
+Nice Community!
+Nice "GMs"!
+Great Game with nice alot of nice updates!

What I would like to see in NightClub Story:
*Customize your "Avatar" and have him/her as the DJ.
*A "snack appliance", we want to serve some snacks and not only drinks to our party animals!
*More kind of "Party Lights", both "upgrading" the existing lights aswell "party light items".
*Make it possible to "buy" or get more hours at the DJ:ing... 8 Hours should be a minimum, 1 hour wtf? I can't play every hour 24/7 even if I want to, and I do ofcourse want my lights on!
*A mark "*" or something to see who really gifted you and is active so you easily can delete inactive people.
*A way to delete the list of people that you invited and didn't accept the invite.
*Somehow a Custom note/text in your NightClub for visitors, in top of your "wall" or something.
*Get rid of all those pop-ups when starting the game, I don't want to play Farm Story, get it?
*For Team Lava to Continue this Great Work and get the knowledge that Gems means alot to us!

It would be fun to see how others think of things and what you are aiming for, so what about you?

Kind Regards,

11-09-11, 01:22 PM
Wow. Great job! :)

11-10-11, 08:56 AM
Thanks alot sterling!

12-11-12, 03:39 PM
Wow! That is awesome.

12-30-12, 05:49 AM
1 hour dj is for u to know who is actually playing right now

12-30-12, 03:01 PM
It would be nice to have an actual dj behind the radios. You did a great job listing what ALL of us gripe about. Especially the items being so expensive. From the floors to the obscenely limited decor.

Some more drinks that aren't sci-fi related would be fantastic.