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11-05-11, 04:28 AM
Hi, because of the old bug that makes number of coins changing constantly showed that I have over 120k coins, I didn't pay much attention and purchased a candy display item. A few seconds later, my total coin became -56k. I restarted the apps but it still showed negative number. The weird thing is now I can't collect tips or finish my food because it keeps saying I don't have enough coins. It doesn't make any sense at all...

I'm playing this on my iPod Touch and my game id is meowerine. Please take a look into this!!!

11-05-11, 05:12 AM
Others have had similar issues,have you tried restarting your device,it may help.
Have you got the most recent version of bakery story,if you go into the app store and no updates are showing for this,you have the current version.Try to play on just the normal bakery story version,and don't use or delete the Halloween version.
If this still continues you will need to email support@teamlava.com,give your storm8 ID,your device,which device version ie iOS 5 or whichever one you have,and which bakery story version.Give as much info as possible as to what is happening and what making it worse.
I really hope it improves for you.

11-05-11, 08:27 AM
I have restarted the device but it still remains the same. Anyway, I have managed to get out of the negative coin problem by selling most of my unused items from the inventory. The 1/10 reselling prices are a bit too low imho, but at least I was able to receive tips and finish the cooked foods again before they all get spoiled.

kooky panda
11-05-11, 08:33 AM
Try deleting your game and redownloading it from the app store to see if this will fix this issue. If you are still having issues with the negative coins, please post on the current bug thread.