View Full Version : Where are my Bat Tiles, Ghostly garlands, and Zombie drink?

10-30-11, 07:51 AM
I did not receive the Bat tiles, orange and black tiles, ghostly garlands, and zombie drink. I have turned my device( iPad) on and off several times. I even updated my software, deleted my app and re installed(which was heart stopping). I emailed team lava and have not gotten a response. Im concerned I won't get all updates for upcoming holidays. What do I do? help! I want my decorations. :mad:

kooky panda
10-30-11, 08:03 AM
updates roll out over days. You should have these items by Tuesday.

10-30-11, 08:23 AM
Tuesday!? AFTER Holloween? I won't need them then. So, am I to expect that I'm not going to have all of the holiday decorations available to me? I'm really not happy about this. I've spent 100's of dollars on my club and I want all the decorations available to me during that particular holiday. Not AFTER. What am I going to do with Bat tiles After Holloween?

10-30-11, 09:05 AM
Same thing happened to me on restaurant. No update until after Halloween for me either. I guess I'll have Christmas gargoyles!? NOT!

10-30-11, 09:57 AM
It's really upsetting and frustrating. I love this App and I wishi had all the Holloween decorations.Now I have to spend club cash for the glowing grin. Hopefully I'll get the updates "in time" for the rest of the holidays!