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10-18-10, 10:21 AM
this game is great,exactly what i was looking for since i plan to go to school to become a baker and hopefully will have my own bakery one day.this game will satisfy my need right now.

there are a few things i'd like to see in this game though.

1.more food choices-i'd like to run my restaurant like a real one.i want to serve breakfast in the morning,lunch in the afternoon and dinner at night.each meal is paired with their own sweets(ie.breakfast has donuts,etc. lunch and dinner have cookies,cake,pie,etc.how things stand right now there are a few things that can be made quickly and a few that take hours.i want more quick stuff so i can take on all my customers,my restaurant can hold 32 people at once and it takes people what? like 20-30 seconds to eat,that's a ton of people that i have to serve and food runs out fast! its annoying because i don't want to sit and watch the game all day but i want to be able to play and not wait 873453189457 hours for my food to cook,the prep times should be a bit more realistic.

2.drinks! what kind of restaurant doesn't have beverages for you? i'd like to take my customers order,then serve them their drink then food.milk,soda,juice,etc.these should't take forever to make either.

3.realistic.how about we get a clock at the top of the screen or in a menu of some sort.you can prepare your food then add it to a menu to let your customers know what you have to serve when they talk to the host,they sit down and you click on them and "take their order" which basically would be a "menu" of your available food would pop up(one side is the menu and one side is what the customer wants) and you click a box to check mark it then hit "done" when your finished.they wait a few second and get their drink then get the main course(possibly secondary course) and then desert if ordered.

4.couples and families.i've never been to a restaurant where everyone is "single".i always see families and people together.its sad to see people just sit anywhere.i'd like to be able to seat families or couples together at a table,if no table is available then they wait for a bit,if wait is to long then they leave.

5.how about some mini games for preparing food.i feel like i'm doing nothing right now besides clicking buttons,this is why i don't play games like these.you do the same thing over and over and over.i would have happily paid like $5 or $6 dollars(plus more for good updates if they cost anything) if this game was like a true restaurant simulation.

6.upgrades.i'm glad we get gems through mastering food but stuff on here cost a small fortune.as soon as i get 100k to upgrade my restaurant then i have to start saving all over again.

7.specials? i'd like to have a happy hour,ladies night,"buy two get one free".lets say i make a ton of stew and need to get rid of it quickly,i could put it at half price and hope that it sells quicker so i don't have to toss it to make room.

i'd be great to see these things added and i hope some people will agree with me but i highly doubt they will be.i'll probably end up quitting because i get bored with it just like the other similar games to this.i dislike repetitive games.

10-20-10, 10:33 AM
anyone have anything else they'd like to see added to make the game better or more fun?