View Full Version : Problem solver for restart problem

10-18-10, 10:14 AM
I posted a question wether I could restart the game, which I have read now in many other comments is impossible. And many of u are in the same situation as me (used all the money before we understood how it worked). But I have a solution, if it works though! :D

Couldnt everyone who is in the same situation add each other and send gifts whenever we have a chance and place tips one the tables (use what u have left of money to place more tables in your restaurant, and sell the other stuff u have to buy tables). This way we can earn up money faster, and when we have enough, we start from scratch :P

ID: Mindy90

10-18-10, 10:37 AM
This certainly would work Mindy! I don't need to restart, but I do send gifts daily. You can only get 20 gifts a day though :( My Storm9iD is Bobbie629

10-18-10, 12:04 PM
I added you. I sold one of the tabels... xD Wasnt gonna do that. Im a idiot in this game haha :P