View Full Version : My Gifts math not Working

10-18-10, 06:18 AM
Hi, *love the game, but there is a bug with the My gifts section. *I received gifts from friends, but after placing them, the number placed + the number remaining do not equal what I started with.

Exact example:

Food. French Toast
1. *Received 6 gifts of 100 servings each...... Total In inventory...600 servings
2. *I then place a gift (which I thought would be 100 servings) on my counter. *When I click on the plate, it says 200 servings!!!!!
3. *When I return to my gift inventory, I now only have 100 servings remaining.

This is a bit of a rip-off, because not only am I missing gifts, I have now reached my maximum for the day and cannot receive any more gifts..Please help!

10-18-10, 06:28 AM
I had a simliar thing happen. I had 3 gifts of french toast and went to put one out on the counter it said it was 200 servings(which I thought was right) but when I went to the gift section I was out of the french toast. I got jipped out of two french toast gifts. I also had a couple of gifts that where stew, that worked fine when I put one gift out, the other was still there last time I checked.

10-19-10, 02:45 AM
My gifts are also doing that.
In my gift box, I may have a tally of say 200.
When placed out on the table however, the tally for servings available will be a lot less than what was in my gift box.

Hoping there is a resolution soon!

10-19-10, 08:11 AM
I'm also having difficulty. I received four stews as gifts. Selected to put out. Only 50 servings showing in the game and no more stew in my gifts section. This appears to be a major bug. I suggest that until they fix it, use gifts as you receive them...ie, accept one gift, go to storage and use, then accept next gift, etc. Time consuming I know, but only way to actually get and use the gifts until they fix this.

10-19-10, 03:23 PM
I'm having the same issue. It's really frustrating.

10-20-10, 03:19 AM
I'm getting frustrated because the gift icon said I had 5 gifts, I accepted them but then there was only 1 gift showing on my gifts page available to use.

10-20-10, 04:29 AM
Same problem here.
Accepted 3 gifts this morning, but only one shows up when I go to use it. (among other problems this morning)

10-20-10, 06:12 AM
I am having both of those problems...

1. Gift icon says I have received 5 gifts, but when I go in to accept them there is usually only 2 or 3.

2. When I have 200 serves of stew in "my gifts", and I tap on the icon to use them, only 100 of them are placed on the serving table, and the other 100 disappear, never to be seen again.

Also, has anyone noticed the freaky ghost table? Or is it just me? I keep seeing a white table showing up on neighbours and other community members restaurants, and you cant leave tips on it, and sometimes it disappears as you are watching it. Sometimes I see it in my own restaurant. **** ghost table seems to be following me, LOL!