View Full Version : Does anyone else have the ice cream switching around constantly in the menu?

10-21-11, 06:31 PM
I don't know why it keeps happening but seriously, I get annoyed when the Spumoni and Green Tea Scoop keep changing places.

At the beginning, when the ice cream first released, the Green Tea Scoop was the 2nd on the menu followed by Spumoni.

All last week Spumoni was 2nd and this morning Green Tea Scoop returned to the 2nd place but then I return to serve Green Tea Scoop and Spumoni is the 2nd on the menu.

What is going on? I like to go in order on the menu - and according to what mastery level - so it's annoying switching back and forth between a 2 hr and 4 hr ice cream.

10-21-11, 06:39 PM
It's happening to me too. Can you post your info, so I can report it please?

Mine is:

iPad 2 version 4.3.3 (still haven't updated)
Bakery version1.3.2

10-21-11, 07:05 PM
I have iPod Touch 3 with iOS 4.3.5 and I have Bakery Story version 1.3

I can't update the app yet and I have no computer right now to update to iOS 5.