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10-21-11, 05:50 PM
Well, perhaps they're not all incredible ideas, but there's definitely a slew of them.

First up, a few new item suggestions:

A drink counter that's also a speaker (a special version of the 'Dance Hall Speaker' maybe?)
A double-stacked version of the 'Dance Hall Speaker'.. my customers like their bass!
Additional dancefloor tiles that cost coins rather than club cash... even if just different coloured versions of the existing ones, and even if the cost is ridiculously high... it would provide a little variety as practically every club looks the same in this respect.
Vinyl records that can be hung on the wall.. maybe even gold/platinum records for club cash.
Amp racks / gear racks to hold the stacks of amplifiers, equalizers, crossovers, compressors, etc. that are necessary to provide decent sound at a club... perhaps two versions, a short rack and a tall rack. (if you're unsure what i mean: http://bassdrop.ca/ampracks.jpg )

Where's the DJ?

Where? Someone either dropped the ball on this one or I always happen to show up while the DJ's off taking a leak or something... it's like Polkaroo from the Polka Dot Door plays at all the clubs in Nightclub Story... it's just silly to have a nightclub with turntables and a packed dancefloor yet have nobody up on the decks.... vinyl doesn't mix itself! I'd be mad as hell showing up at the club to find out they're just playing a radio station or a mix cd.

Ability to move the club entrance/door

Every club has the door in the same place, in the corner. Allowing it to be moved around would provide some variety as well as encourage creativity. To take it a step further, you could even sell us different door styles in the shop.

Ability to rotate items in more than just 2 directions

The chairs do this already. I realize this is probably be a bit more difficult to implement than it sounds since additional graphics would be required for some items... but come on... I spent 24 club cash on the "magic box" and ended up with "Disco Pillars" that I can't rotate to choose which side the taller pillar is on (for this particular item, an exact mirror image would work and no additional graphics would need to be made, just reverse the existing ones.)

A different coloured drink level meter once level 4 has been achieved

Pretty self-explanatory I guess, but it would serve a purpose as it's currently impossible to tell the difference between having already achieved level 4 and being just a couple points away from it. I recently got to level 4 on a drink that I'd thought was already there for ages.

Having drink menu remember your spot after logging off

It would be nice is the drink menu would remember exactly where you were on it when you log out and back in. It currently remembers the place indefinitely if you don't disconnect, but forgets as soon as you do. Sometimes I can't recall what drink I was making before and have to click the drink counters and compare drink numbers before/after serving to figure out which one it was.

Fix coin bug that occurs when drinks are combined on counters

When drinks are combined on counters, the game incorrectly thinks that the moved drinks were sold and increases your coins as such. Reconnecting to the game will put your coins at the proper total... BUT they're spendable in the meantime and I accidentally ended up at -$65k coins one day. While in the negative, it's impossible to mix any drinks and impossible to collect the dancefloor dancers. Luckily I had enough drinks on my counters to get back into the positive, but it took a couple of days of waiting to get there.

Need more pop-ups when logging in

By my count, there's only 5-6 pop-ups when logging in... I'm pretty sure I speak for everyone when I say we need 10 or more pop-ups. But sarcasm aside, this barrage of pop-ups when logging in makes me want to [snip]:

A pop-up when club cash is on sale... this one's actually not that bad I guess.
A pop-up for "Messages", including really old/useless ones from days earlier... in my opinion this one should be replaced with a tiny box on the main screen with an unread message counter.
A pop-up to install this game, or a pop-up to install that game, install this, install that... This one is absolutely obnoxious. Even if you install, there seems to be an endless list of games it'll pop up for... I'm not going to install 20 games. Then it keeps popping up over and over again while I'm playing the game too. Could you provide a "do not show this again" option for this? Or, if it's absolutely necessary that you do this, could you at least provide an option hidden away deep in the menus somewhere that allows us to choose to only get one pop-up for another game per day?
A pop-up to "Rate us 5 stars!" Some encouragement to rate the game highly is fine, but having it pop up every single time until you rate it 5 stars is brutal. Even if you click okay and rate it 4 stars, you'll get the pop-up every time you log in until you rate it 5 stars. This one's pretty obnoxious as well.
A pop-up that the weekly update is here. Did I mention the weekly update is here? By the way, the weekly update is here. Yes, I know, you told me the last 10 times I logged in... once is enough! Having this pop up every time you log in for half the week is just plain annoying.
A pop-up that you earned xxx coins while you were away. Couldn't this be done as an overlay, similar to how it tells you when drinks have been combined on the counters? By itself, this pop-up isn't even so bad, but after 5 others it might well be the tipping point that causes me to actually shake a baby.

Add drum & bass to the music genre list

Add drum & bass... 'nuff said :cool:

Any thoughts/comments?

Also, this is my first post, so hello everyone!

10-21-11, 06:07 PM
Well done on your slew of ideas. I especially love your suggestion of more pop ups....lol. Nothin would make m want to shake babies tho....just sayin. Welcome to the forum posters club. :)

10-21-11, 06:09 PM
I HAVE to clap for this. This was a lot of work, typing, and ideas. Hopefully TeamLava will listen to these great ideas!

10-21-11, 06:20 PM
Nice set of ideas.
Welcome to the forums :)

10-21-11, 06:20 PM
Thanks to both of ya, much appreciated :)

(And for the record, I'm not a monster so I wouldn't actually shake a baby, just waggle it a little.)

10-21-11, 06:53 PM
Oops, it just occurred to me that my suggestion about rotating items more than 2 directions is partially wrong as it's already all mirrored images including my example, but I do still think they should be rotatable further seeing as we're talking about tiny little low-res cartoon graphics here, many of which are being purchased with real money ;)

Thanks to both of ya, much appreciated :)
To all three of you, actually ... nice timing Yarox :mad:

10-21-11, 06:59 PM
Are they allowed to harass you to rate them 5 stars until you do? I'm pretty sure that's violating the tos in the app store. Just saying....

10-21-11, 07:53 PM
Are they allowed to harass you to rate them 5 stars until you do? I'm pretty sure that's violating the tos in the app store. Just saying....

They don't. I downloaded Zoo Story two weeks ago and got that popup everytime I started up. Then I read a thread where people were not happy that TL promised weekly updates and have not updated the game at all, and one person suggested we rate them a 1. So I did and I stopped getting the popups.

10-21-11, 08:37 PM
They don't. I downloaded Zoo Story two weeks ago and got that popup everytime I started up. Then I read a thread where people were not happy that TL promised weekly updates and have not updated the game at all, and one person suggested we rate them a 1. So I did and I stopped getting the popups.
Ahh, you know what... upon further inspection, it appears they may actually have gotten rid of the "rate us 5 stars" popup... must be a very recent change though, I was still getting it every time I logged in as recently as a few days ago.. just figured I'd caved one night and finally rated it a 5 to get rid of the popup but it's still at the 3 stars I rated it many weeks ago... either way, big ups to Team Lava if that popup's actually gone. I'll up my rating to 4 stars if/when something is done about the incessant requests to install the other 15-20 games :p

10-21-11, 09:39 PM
They don't. I downloaded Zoo Story two weeks ago and got that popup everytime I started up. Then I read a thread where people were not happy that TL promised weekly updates and have not updated the game at all, and one person suggested we rate them a 1. So I did and I stopped getting the popups.

Ah ok. That makes more sense

10-22-11, 12:01 AM
A few more ideas to tack onto the list....

Fix xp bug that occurs when removing wall-mounted items from storage

Similar to the drink counter bug, taking a wall item out of storage will give you the xp for it again.. but as with the other bug, it'll go back at the proper value once you restart the program.

A new category of "mixer" exclusively for shots

A "liquor bar" category of mixer for exclusively for making shots with, similar to how the grills/ovens/stoves/drinkmachines in Restaurant Story all have their own unique recipes. A few shot ideas... Absinthe, Mind Eraser, B-52, Anaconda, Fireball, Snowball, Crouching Tiger, Melon Ball, Liquid Cocaine, Jager Bombs, Kamikaze, Jello Shooters, Red Snapper, Moonshine, etc... or some basics like Tequila (Blanco, Gold, etc)... Vodka (various flavours)... Whiskey (Rye, Scotch, Bourbon, Malt, etc.)... Brandy (Fruit, Grape, etc)... Rum (White, Dark, Spiced, Overproof, etc.)... Gin... etc etc etc.

A new category of "mixer" exclusively for beer

On the same note, a "beer tap" category of mixer... exact same as the idea above, but for beer rather than liquor. Mmmm beer.:D

Different types of lighting

I've never seen nightclubs this bright before... how about some choices; the multicolored dots from the mushroom light and the high intensity beams that inexplicably shoot out from random places at the top of the wall just don't do it for me... nightclubs are generally dim and many have 'intelligent' lighting. A few thoughts:

Just think how sick something like this could be: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lhy9Wl22Gs8
Some dim/ambient lighting choices (it would be very simple to do, just darken/filter the entire club view)
Something darker with a few laser beams could be fun too (not all colors at once - just one or two)
Perhaps some decent DJ Scanners (ie. http://image.made-in-china.com/2f0j00yeNQpdSMQJca/LED-DJ-Scanner-60W-Scanner-Light.jpg )
Strobe lights

Alright, that's it.. cheers.

10-22-11, 10:07 PM
Love the ideas. I hope they implement them 

10-22-11, 10:08 PM
sarcastro do you play farm?

10-24-11, 11:38 AM
I think we should be able to gift the holiday drinks to our neighbors. Too many things cost club cash and i even thought about giving in and buying some club cash but when i saw you only get 24 CC for $5, that's just ridiculous. Especially since one box or table can cost 24cc, thats $5 per item! I know they need money to keep this game going but its getting to the point where I'm just gonna have to settle with a lame theme cuz there are only 3 options for floor tiles/walls/dance tiles that i can actually buy with coins. You should be able to receive at least 1CC every time you level up. Certain items should be available for club cash til you reach certain levels in which you can then buy them with coins or cc. What about a deal of the day, where for a limited time you can buy a certain with fewer CC or a large amount of coins. Gifting items would be nice, maybe holiday items only like decorations, xmas trees, things that are just seasonal. Being able to listen to other ppl's music would be nice or even just an option in the settings to be able to keep listening to your own music while you visit other clubs. More music genre options, reggae, punk, etc. I'll have more ideas later, lunch hour! lol

10-25-11, 03:51 PM
I dont like the idea of having to hire a DJ but i think it would be cool to have our own lil avatar running the DJ booth :)

10-26-11, 05:30 PM
sarcastro do you play farm?
Hey Pinkster, I did try it briefly but uninstalled it after a few days.. I'm only playing Nightclub Story & Restaurant Story.

@Issues13 - I completely agree with there being too few items available for coins, but even more so what you said about cc (club cash) items costing too much. Of the 24 types of dancefloor tiles, 20 of them cost 2-3 club cash apiece, only 4 can be purchased with coins. I have a 7x10 dancefloor (70 tiles in total) so if I wanted to upgrade it something other than those 4, I'd be looking at a total of 140-210cc.

To break it down further... if I wanted to upgrade my dancefloor, mixers, walls & drink counters:

- Dancefloor: 70 tiles x 2-3cc = 140-210cc
- Mixers: 9 mixers x 45cc (Sonic mixer for 20% increase in speed) = 405cc
- Wallpaper: 33 wall segments x 10cc = 330cc
- Drink Counters: 13 counters x 10-20cc = 130-260cc

Grand Total: 1005-1205 club cash ($173-$251 depending on the club cash packages purchased - it costs $173-207 if buying 580cc for $99.99, or $209-251 if buying 24cc for $4.99)

If I wanted a glass floor for the rest of my club that isn't dancefloor (15x18 - 70 = 200 tiles), that's another 400cc ($69-84).

Buying ghetto graphics for a virtual nightclub on a cellphone shouldn't cost as much as building a real one ;)

10-26-11, 06:02 PM
And I hate to state the obvious, but value for money (whether real or perceived) is what people get their wallets out for. By charging these exorbitant amounts there's probably fewer actual dollars coming in.

10-27-11, 01:43 PM
Nice ideas! I want more speakers too. I have none on my floor now because I don't like the ones they have to chose from. I want some white ones to match my dj booth.

10-28-11, 01:29 PM
Be honored to have such a wonderful "first post"... lol.

10-28-11, 01:59 PM
Okay, I apoligize in advance (If I'm rude) for telling you my opinion about your ideas.. but there's a difference in forcing and suggesting.
First of all why would you want the pop ups to be removed or even alternatively removed.. then you want the game to remind you where you left off in the drinks "menu"..ok I'm getting a mixed message if something is unessesary or unwanted. Another thing is the part where you think they should change the color of an item among mastering it... idk where you get the idea from but I assume your a hardcore gamer, but that's irrelevant to me.. I just don't understand the point of changing colors .. your already getting something out of mastering an item... you want a cookie? Or a red cookie? Point understood. Maybe suggesting higher rank and more rewards but that has already been suggested, I believe I seen it in farm story forum. As for the dj thing... in order for that to work they would have to inrease the time that music is played or removed.. because what's going to happen if the music stops playing and dj is till mixing it...poor dj working but music not playing .. unrealistic. Maybe a bartender too or a fat bouncer? Also, new music category is not nessesary due to the fact that you can custom make your own playlists...and play them in the game. It doesn't take much to do something about it yourself. There are many other categories other than bass and drum..

I do agree on some of your ideas because they are legit suggestions about the game. When you mentioned the doors not having the ability to relocate it caught my eye because that does create a prosaic in terms of decorating. I mean you can't store the thing by default if its the only door in the establishment... but you can block people from entering if something is infront of it.. please have a relocate option for the door atleast.
I also agree to your suggestion about having new doors other than the plain doors that sometimes don't match the decorations people put on walls. Decorated doors are realistic such as wooden doors metal doors ect... I wouldn't mind if my door had a dragons head on it or a set of balls hehe..but a option to buy a decorated door would be nice but I don't mind the one I already have.

Again.. I don't mean to be rude just giving my opinion because I would strongly suggest that before they implement new things to the game that would make gameplay slower(would make me quit).. they should first improve gameplay as far as bugs are concerned and by the way, you did not mention what device you are playing on.
Android 2.2 sidekick 4g here.. I forgot the game version I'm on... I just have it on automatic update so I didn't check.

10-28-11, 02:01 PM
Love the ideas Thanks

10-28-11, 02:11 PM
Oh another thing I agree on is a recent post you made that I've seen in forums before and that's the costs of flooring tiles... spot on details bro... my suggestion to this would be to make a 5x or 10x tile per club cash in order to fill a max expanded establishment..because 1x tile per club cash/gem would not work out, same with wall color, wall deco is diffrent tho but I think some prices are fair... but I will never agree with the floor deco being fairly priced.

11-04-11, 09:49 PM
Hey Tonynpat1,

Both the pop-ups and menu memory have the same purpose for me... just not having to tap the screen repeatedly to get past the same things every time I log in. As for the drink colour, the suggestion was only because I'm unsure which drinks I've already achieved level 4 on and which I'm still a few points away from, because they both look identical to me... it's not because I want a cookie (although, now that you mention it... it'd be nice :P) I've got an awful memory, that's not the dev's fault, but it'd be nice, for me anyway, to have some distinction. But I have to respectfully disagree about the dj bit... it should be done so that the DJ disappears when the music stops, more realistic than both music/turntables without a DJ or a DJ without music.

And, naw, I don't consider your opinions rude at all, other than perhaps suggesting I'm "forcing" changes rather than suggesting them, they're all just random ideas/thoughts on my part, I don't expect many, if any, to actually be implemented.

Couldn't agree more that bug fixes & improving game speed/responsiveness should take some sort of priority though... to answer your question, using Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc ("X12" elsewhere I think.) running Android 2.3.3, not rooted (version 1.0.2 of the app I think... most recent one, probably same as you're using) ... but it runs slow as hell for me too, especially when visiting friends with cluttered clubs... it grinds practically to a halt.


11-21-11, 12:29 PM
Good ideas!

I'd like one-click drink mixers and one-click serve. Right now, you select a drink to make, then have to click several times just to get the drink process started. When the drink is done, you then have to click several times to complete the drink and put it on the counters.

Also, how about increase the time music will play if you have more than one DJ set, like 2 sets = 2 hours, etc?

11-21-11, 03:41 PM
One more thing - I'd like to see the ability to spread out combined drinks.

If you have a dozen or so empty counters, and one counter with 10,000 drinks on it, it would be nice to be able to spread them out so more people had access. There have been times that I have had drinks at one end of the club, but people at the other end were getting mad and leaving.