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10-17-10, 09:14 PM
I Wish:

I wish I could change some of the items colors like the fences in farm story. Maybe the plain white dividers, tables and chairs so I can make my place more unique, feel more like MY restaurant.

I wish there was a recipe book outside of having to wait for one of my ovens to be available so I could plan what to make next.

I wish the tables seated two so the customers didn't look so lonely and I didn't have to place the chairs all weird. I actually just put chairs around the tables as if they seated two anyway but it was still frustrating to figure out ways to make my shop functional without looking awkward.

I wish I could customize my avatar/hostess.

I Love:

I love the idea of gifting food. It helps a great deal when I run out of the food I made or I'm waiting for my macaroni to finish. Also, it doesn't sit in my inventory forever like those dang dog bowls or playgrounds.

I love that I can rotate 360 the furniture and appliances!

I love the animated cartoons (don't remember what it's called)! I always wanted to see something in the other story games like weather, automobiles maybe people. It's really nice to see the customers move around your place and eat the food you made!

I love that my avatar is my hostess so I can pretend that it's me!



I play Farm & now Restaurant Story. I use to play City Story but not as often as the other two. Feel free to add me as I like to have lots of neighbors.

Thanks for reading my wall =]

My ID: AttaGirl20

10-22-10, 06:23 PM
I just got an iPad and want to play my restaurant. Do I have to start over?? Help pls

10-22-10, 09:16 PM
I Wish:

I wish there was a recipe book outside of having to wait for one of my ovens to be available so I could plan what to make next.

You can read your recipe book while all the appliances are still busy; tap on the appliance and then tap again to manage. You will be asked if you wish to "Finish cooking this dish INSTANTLY for 4 gems" or "Cancel this dish and start a new one?"

Select "Cancel this dish and start a new one?" Don't worry, it won't cancel your dish until you actually select an item from your recipe book. Your recipe book will now open, but be very careful not to quick-tap on any recipes, otherwise your currently cooking item will be replaced. To browse around, be sure to hold your finger down and move the pages instead of flicking to prevent accidental tapping.

Once you're done, just tap on the close [X] icon and you will go back to the restaurant view without cancelling your currently cooking dish.

I prefer the old Store and Build concept, of FS and CS respectively, but I guess with three appliances required instead of just a piece of land, this makes more sense. They could have allowed us to tap on a recipe and then on the appropriate appliance, but I guess that would generate more complains from the never-satisfied crowd.

04-16-12, 03:02 PM
I wish you could rotate the entire 'map' so I can paint the other walls :D !