View Full Version : Collectibles Popup Bar & Collectibles Questing

10-07-11, 05:24 AM
As I go about my daily tipout, the collectibles bar is constantly popping up at the top of the screen, OVER the buttons that I am currently using (like "Wall" and the phone icon). Perhaps the collectibles bar should pop out at the LEFT of the screen, over the other "quest" icons that are not being used?

RE: collectibles in general. I would have more fun with this new quest-type feature if I knew what I had to do to collect a certain missing element. I realize that, over time, I can figure it out by paying a ridiculous amount of attention to what's happening in that popup bar (and then memorizing that information), but that is not really optimal. Right now, collectibles feels more like a slot machine: totally random, like the daily coin award.

I realize you guys at TeamLava need to innovate in order to keep players from getting bored and wandering off, but most of the recent changes seem to have increased the hassle and confusion factors for me without much of a corresponding gain. Frankly, I'd rather see some new tables.

As an aside: Based on the amount of negative feedback, as well as my own feelings on the topic, have you all considered just putting gifting back to the way it was? There is no shame in throwing in the towel on an idea that isn't working in the presence of real-world friction. (Or Bakery Story-world friction.) :)

10-07-11, 04:38 PM
I would like to add that there should be some explanation from TL on the Collectibles. Do the gifts you can win change or do I continue to collect my 20+ gold utensils?? It would be even better if we understood. It shouldn't be a mystery.