View Full Version : Storage problems

10-16-10, 04:43 AM
I know how to put my items I'm storage, but how do you get them out? I tried just clicking on the icon where it says x5 or whatever but is says I don't have enough money!

10-16-10, 04:51 AM
Same here!!!!!

10-16-10, 06:11 AM
That happens to me as well which is very annoying. You got to have the same among of the money of those furniture/chairs/etc. to get them out, which is very unfair when you can't earn them when all your things are in "the storage"... (if you accidentally puts them all there)

The storage should have it's own page box...

10-16-10, 09:34 AM
Also annoyed

10-16-10, 09:56 AM
This is a known bug. They're expecting to fix it by next week.

10-17-10, 06:20 AM
If u have enough coins, u can put the items out and the price will not be deducted.

10-19-10, 07:54 AM
Same problem here in the netherlands!