View Full Version : fix bug about stupid negative money

10-01-11, 09:39 AM
Phone: HTC Flyer
Nightclub Story 1.0.2
I have negative 40,254in the money box.
When the problem first happened I had negative 5000 in the money box.
I cant take a photo of it because when I try to use the snap shots the money box is no longer on the screen.
Not only is my money in the negatives, but it wont let me do anything.
I cant even accept dancers from friends because it tells me I dont have enough money!!
I Cant finish drinks because i have no money!!
I Cant even use the gifts!!!!!
.All of my drinks went bad because it told me i didn't have enough money to finish them.
I have restarted my app and phone several times, and reinstalled the program.
I wasnt doing anything unusual like cheating
This is so frustrating!! Please fix

kooky panda
10-01-11, 11:21 AM
What is the current version on your phone? 2.3.3 Is the most current

If you do have this try and clear out cache and move your game to your SD card to see if this helps with the issues you are having

10-01-11, 11:34 AM
I had this on restaurant story once. I went from 1 million coins to -36000 coins