View Full Version : Where did my drinks go???

09-29-11, 05:45 PM
I went to check my gift box and accidentally tapped on one of them while all my counters were completely full. A message came up(that I honestly didn't bother to read) and over half of my counters were cleared. I just lost 1,000s in drinks. I can understand if one counter could have been cleared to make space for the gift, but that didn't even happen. Wow... horrible glitch.

09-29-11, 08:06 PM
Did it combine drinks that were the same onto one counter?

09-30-11, 12:14 AM
Did it combine drinks that were the same onto one counter?

Wow. I feel like an idiot now. YES they did. Thanks!

09-30-11, 07:21 AM
Don't feel bad I think most of us freaked out the first time this happened. I know I did :D

kooky panda
09-30-11, 07:48 AM
I did!!!!:D

09-30-11, 10:17 AM
I guess many players have counters they don't really need as long the game does the combination into one. I had (in RS) but later on stored the extras to get more tables. In NCS I've kept the counters at minimum when ever possible to maximise dance area. But as this is a game, my deco's live daily as I try to master everything ;)
Space isn't that important, frequent collecting and gifting/tipping is, imo.