View Full Version : Discovery and Halloween chests are UNFAIR

10-14-10, 11:17 PM
I have spent hundreds.. Yes hundreds of dollars on those stupid chests trying to get the villa or haunted house and have gotten like 6-7 ranch houses 10 garden arches 8 patio sets etc... I'm really really really stinking mad! There should be some fair way of receiving the good stuff! I feel like storm8 owes me! I'm ready to quit playing!

10-15-10, 12:04 AM
To be honest, do you really think they care? No matter you quit or not, they already got your money! The only purpose to make a discovery chest or othernkind of chest is to get money from someone like you. I don't think they will change anything. If you have gotten the things that you want in a few round, then you would't spend more money, which actually is bad because that means they lose money! The discovery chest or any chest is like casino!