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09-21-11, 11:15 PM
I play; Farm Story (lvl 96) ,City Story (lvl 96), NightClub Story (lvl 73 or somewhere in that area), Empire Story (lvl 96).

I was logged in to NightClub Story late last night or early this morning. I fell asleep logged on. When I woke I clicked the home button on my iPhone (3.1.9) at 7pm tonight and I can't log in to the game now at all. I click the logo and it rolls and rolls and rolls and then it kicks me off I've done everything teamlava has said to do (restart my device, delete the application and reload from the app store and it's still not working. Farm Story and City Story are not working either. Empire Story works. Could anyone please help me.

I've spent a small fortune on these games and I love them. They are my favorite. I've played them since the beginning. Could someone please contact me via this forum? I don't know what email you have assosiated with my account, but I tried for hours tonight to log into this forum with my email, because i didn't have a password and had no clue how to get one. I now have a password thanks to Empire Story.

Please contact me on this issue. Please!!!

Thank you.

09-21-11, 11:18 PM
There's a thread here about this - http://forums.teamlava.com/showthread.php?17903-All-my-games-keep-crashing!-Help!

Please add your info there as well, as the thread has been flagged for reference to TL. They are aware and are working on it.

09-21-11, 11:19 PM
Try syncing your device with your PC.
Also, you could e-mail them via support@teamlava.com :).

09-21-11, 11:23 PM
OK, forget e-mailing if they know:p!