View Full Version : Funny storage bug

09-21-11, 01:31 PM
I had originally not posted this because I was afraid TL would take my money away, but the game fixed it's own glitch so now I am posting.

When I was lowlevel, about level 10-12 or something like that, I bought gems so I could expand etc. I bought a space stage, and went about rearranging. However, I guess I needed more room so I stored it.

When I stored the stage I saw +3500000 or something to that effect, didn't pay attention. When I looked at my coins later though, I had over 3 million that wasn't there before. Sorry, didn't think to take a picture at that time.

I restarted my device and the game several times but the money didnt disappear. Took my stage back out and stored it again, nothing happened so I figured OK, let's spend money and have fun!! Unfortunately for me though, when I had spent the amount of money I had before this glitch (about 50k) I got an out of sync message and ended up with 1,000something gold.

09-21-11, 02:48 PM
Well, sounds like it was nice while it lasted lol