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09-20-11, 08:35 AM
This is how the game works.

Someone asks for permission to do something. The next person denies it with a reason and then asks for permission.


Person A: Please may I have some free gems?
Person B: No, do u think they grow on trees?
Please can the locked games be unlocked?


Rules: all forum rules must be followed

I'll start

Please may I have an alien for farm story?

09-20-11, 08:41 AM
No, they look as ridiculous as pirates and tigers on farm story!

Please may I have a mushroom shaped changing room in Fashion Story?

09-20-11, 08:41 AM
No, the aliens will scare away the pirates

May I please stay home from work today?

09-20-11, 08:44 AM

No, too narrow at the bottom, people with big butts will have a hard time changing

May I please stay home from work today?

09-20-11, 10:05 AM
No, you need to work a double shift.

Please may I borrow a million dollars?

09-20-11, 11:07 AM
No, I don't have a million dollars to lend you.

Please can the rules around here relax a little bit?

09-20-11, 11:58 AM
No, that would cause other snitches to complain about our games.

Please can someone get me some cold medicine?

09-20-11, 02:00 PM
No, you may overdose on it.

Please can it be Friday already?

09-20-11, 06:16 PM
No, it's Tuesday.

Please can I have some spare change for the bus?

09-20-11, 06:18 PM
No. You can walk. Walking is good for you.

Can someone please bring me dinner?

09-22-11, 10:24 AM
No, I'm not your maid.

Please can I go to Australia for my next holiday?

09-22-11, 10:41 AM
No, everyone will miss you too much.

Please can I have some s'mores poptarts?

09-22-11, 02:05 PM
No, I don't know how to make them.

Please can I close my office door and take a nap?

09-22-11, 04:13 PM
No, if you want a nap, come to the UK. It's night time here;).

Please may I have time to play all TL's games?

09-22-11, 04:54 PM
No, because then you won't have time to do anything else, like clean, run errands, other chores, etc

Please can I go home now?

09-22-11, 05:01 PM
No, u have to stay and keep the forum alive
Please can I have a mango-cherry shave ice?

09-22-11, 05:03 PM
No, it might give you brainfreeze.

Can I please have the new tropical bar for RS?

09-22-11, 05:57 PM
No, you have to buy 100 gems first.

Please can it stop raining so that I can walk my dog?

09-22-11, 09:33 PM
No, train your dog to use the toilet 

Please may I go eat breakfast?

09-23-11, 02:47 AM
No breakfast food is fatty
Please may I win 50 gems for the contest

09-23-11, 02:51 AM
No, I'm going to win the contest.

Please can my internet connection on my phone not be so flaky at the location I am at right now?

09-23-11, 08:05 AM
No, having one less competitor for the 50 gems prize for having 3-4 stars in story games will benefit me since you cannot go online to play.

Please can we not have anymore ridiculous items/animals like pirates and tigers on Farm Story

09-24-11, 09:43 PM
No, there needs to be a dragon to ride the new tractor.

Please can I buy the aquarius fountain for fashion story?

09-25-11, 11:18 PM
No, I already own them all!

Please can someone buy me an I-Phone?

09-25-11, 11:29 PM
No, It's against Apple's policy.

Please can we have more people playing this game?

09-25-11, 11:42 PM
No, then people will complain that it gets in the way of "real" posts and then they'll update the rules so we'll have to wait for 8 posts before we can play again.

Please can TeamLava be on the Undercover Boss TV show and have me be the other prospective applicant?

09-26-11, 01:42 AM
No because they'd be afraid you'd gift us all 1,000 gemseach for being such good patrons
Please can I have another mango Smoothie

09-26-11, 05:26 AM
No, I drank them!

May i have a donut?

09-26-11, 08:34 AM
No, they are not healthy.

Please will Survivor (game show) allow Canadians to apply.

09-26-11, 02:12 PM
No, Canada is too small a market (eh?)

Please can I be upgraded to the first class cabin?

09-26-11, 02:17 PM
No, this isn't a ship, and it's not Talk Like a Pirate day anymore, so there aren't any cabins:p!

Permission to have 1,000 free gems?

09-26-11, 02:21 PM
No, if they're going to give out 1000 free gems, I will take them rather than give them to you.

Please can I spend the 1000 free gems I just got on things I want to buy, not on gem traps?

09-26-11, 10:35 PM
No all the items you want to buy change price to 2000 gems so you don't have enough.

Can I please have a dog that doesn't beg so bad and misbehave?

09-27-11, 12:14 AM
No, all it would do is sleep and that'd be no fun.

Please can there be a 75% off sale on gems?

09-27-11, 05:04 AM
No because their gonna give us a 90% off salefor one day only....lol
(dreams are for freeso why not dream big...lol) Cheeeee HoooooHawaiian

Please can I get a new pair of rubber slippers?

09-27-11, 10:29 AM
No they'll squeak when they get wet.

Please can I have more expansions for City Story without the game slowing down if there was.

09-27-11, 11:17 AM
No, too many people have asked for expansions, you're going to get something we haven't thought of that will be annoying and/or not work.

Please can someone clean my house?

09-27-11, 10:50 PM
No because they would put everything out of place and you'd go crazy

Please can someone give me all the seasons of Criminal Minds?

09-28-11, 10:41 PM
No, they cost way too much.

Please can I have every movie for free?

10-31-11, 11:22 AM
No, you'll get tired of watching.

Please can I have a cookie?

10-31-11, 03:24 PM
No you will spoil your supper 

Please can I win the Halloween Farm or Fashion contest?

11-01-11, 12:31 AM
No, I'm going to win all contests.

Please may I have a new car.

11-01-11, 03:13 AM
No, You will knock down more people.

Please can I have no school.

kooky panda
11-01-11, 05:51 AM
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11-01-11, 02:09 PM
No, the teachers need jobs.

Please may I have all the dogs in my farm without paying 59 gems each?

11-03-11, 07:00 AM
No, TL needs to make millions from the gems to sustain the games

Please may I be able to plant Pine trees on my farm story for Christmas?

07-09-12, 05:54 AM
No,Pine Tree only deserves for being a decoration
Can Genie smarter and don't twist the wishes?

07-09-12, 11:23 AM
No they are tricksters
Can I eat a banana?

07-14-12, 12:08 AM
No because it's molded.
Can I please go to the movies?