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10-14-10, 03:14 AM
I love the game! So I want my city more crowded....
Maybe you like these ideas?

1/4 tile sidewalk
1/4 tile sidewalk with people (We can make boulevards)

1 tile with road and people
1 (or more) tile with road and CAR(S) (Our city is alive!)

1/4 tile or 1 tile with sand (beaches/riverbeach)
1/4 tile or 1 tile sand with parasol
1/4 tile or 1 tile sand and people


10-14-10, 03:17 AM
1/4 tile bench with people

10-15-10, 10:29 AM
The grocer looks great, thanks. How about these additions:

Beauty salon/spa
Barber shop
Tattoo parlor

Great game, thanks very much.

10-17-10, 01:55 AM
I like the big buildings.
What about ? shoppingmall?

10-17-10, 11:11 AM
Me too, would love to see a small bit of beach and some sea, a bigger bit of beach and a harbour with some boats (maybe yachts could be bought separately?).

Any way that the cities could look a bit darker at night in line with players' time zones?

City cash for ideas which you chose to implement?

ID: Snazzy1 ;-)

10-20-10, 03:52 AM
Nice idea, dark and lights in THE houses and appartements!

10-20-10, 07:27 AM
A massive casino!!!!!!

10-21-10, 09:50 AM
How about...

- a martini bar or drinking establishment?
- a video arcade?
- I LOVE the casino idea above!
- in the same vein as gambling, a horse or dog track?
- a college or university, to continue the tradition of the middle school?
- a call center (I work at one which employs 2,600 people)
- a construction site (could even use the same graphics as when you first build a new business/residence!!!)
- electronics store (such as Best Buy)
- Music store

The list is literally endless....

10-26-10, 08:19 AM
Add a golf course

10-26-10, 03:43 PM
What we really need dedicated city-builders to make more realistic cities, we need more houses, not condos, not two-story building, one-square little houses.

10-27-10, 11:19 AM
All great ideas and the list IS endless. What about franchise advertising through team lava and they could offer a Gap and McDonalds. Also we could purchase cars where we choose make model and color and then place them throuout our city. Although I like the idea of cars and people walking and driving randomly around the city like they do in restaurant story. We also need more house variety, style and colors. And more realistic then the "business" towers like a hardware store, a daycare center, high school, a car dealership, a hospital, drug store, video store, these are the kind of things that every city and town has and needs. The middle school instead of the little school house was a great addition, as was the grocery store. Thanks team lava for some really great games.

10-28-10, 03:37 AM
Would be a great idea to include a clock on the status bar.
Great game.

10-28-10, 10:35 AM
What about a brothel???

10-28-10, 03:56 PM
Need 1/4 Block of wat ever I need to make a parking area for my plaza plz

10-28-10, 09:39 PM
1/4 tile grass that is same colour as full tile grass
1/4 tile rotatable hedge corners
Douglas fir tree
Traffic lights
Train station and tracks
Various statues
Art gallery
Car dealership
Bookshop or music store
Odd shaped buildings - pyramid or spheric or oval
Pub or Tudor style tavern

10-29-10, 01:46 AM
more house types, expansions (to put all new things), university, different types of facturies, differnt types of parkings,

10-29-10, 06:15 PM
Weekly updates
Answering queries on the forum
Expansions past level 50
Ways to earn cash

10-30-10, 12:31 AM
Firstly I must say I love all your games, thumbs up!!!

I think most of my "wishes" have been listed above but just to reinforce them. I feel it is missing a bit of "life" in the city.

I would like to see:
Roads sections with Cars on them.
Then we need traffic lights.
Road and grass segments with people on them.
A bridge so we can build roads over our rivers.


11-02-10, 02:10 PM
After a long run of City Story I have now gotten into also playing Restaurant Story (called RS below) (simultaneously). Playing RS has given me some ideas as what could be incorporated into City Story.

The good thing about RS is that you can style your own restaurant: Do I want it to be a greasy spoon, a tidy diner, a dank pub or an upscale french fine dining establishment? And you can evolve your restaurant's style, and even match the food (although the fine dining dishes are not nearly as many as the cafe and fast food ones).

So how could something like this be translated onto City Story?

One thought is Period Features.
A wider array of houses would allow not only different sizes (and styles) of houses, but also buildings from different periods: how about making your own Art Noveau metropolis, or a 1930ies English factorytown, where bricks and mortar is everywhere you look? Also, these houses could be in various states of dereliction. Or there could at least be some buildings that look old and worn.

The second is different styles.
I stumbled upon this idea when I was cleaning cities, and came across one called "Moon". Then it hit me - why can't there be different styles of cities? Why can't there for instance be buildings that would fit well into a sci-fi environment and not only grass, but grey craters that looks like they belong on moon? If you don't wish to go to this radical a length, then it would still be possible to, for instance, make a connection to various climates, such as buildings with snow on (or something equally "Nordic"), or maybe making it possible to have your city looking like it is neighbor with the Brazilian rainforest?

The third proposal I have has very little to do with anything like this; it comes from the clever fence and hay bale-sollution of Farm Story. This approach could be applied to the "flag-situation". Instead of having a long list of flags that everyone has to browse through: why not just have ONE flag-square in the build-menu and then ONCE you've clicked flag, you get to choose nationality (instead of color, which is the choice given in Farm Story)?

The fourth proposal - yet again has nothing to do with the ideas derived from RS - is something that I simply can't understand why it's not implemented (it is however implemented is RS). Why can't we turn buildings in all four directions? Turning buildings "backwards" in some cases makes extreme sense, when you're actually in there getting your hands dirty with city planning.

11-05-10, 06:18 AM
This ideas more towards making things a little easier for us. How about adding the ability to sell items directly from inventory? This would be easier than clearing a section of land, setting them out, selling off the extras and then reseting your land the way you want it.

11-05-10, 08:15 AM
1. Ocean square: When you build rivers large enough it always creates an island. I'd like to add an ocean square so I have a choice without the island, to put around the Statue of Liberty, so it feels more natural, and not like I had to fudge it.

2.  Airports. A four square option that looks municipal, lots of Cessnas, some executive leer jets, and a little hangar. A six square domestic airport, with a bigger control tower and bigger planes, MD 80s, and a few larger jets. An eight square international airports thick with jumbo aircraft, French and Asian looking advertisements or themed entry halls, and with the biggest control tower. I can see people making their own little air base and giving the city an Air Force base sounding name, or creating a Lake Tahoe like community where noone drives; everyone has a Cessna in the garage instead, with each neighborhood having a small airport. I can even see it's own offshoot game, like "Airport Story."

3. Fast food places that look more realistic, to McDonalds, Burger King, and Kentucky Fried Chicken. All these companies are well franchised and recognized worldwide. Or at least change the brown, green and yellow fast food joint so it matches better in color with other businesses. It looks so drab, almost ghetto. It's my least favorite square because it doesn't match anything. At least the coffee shop has some mint neon that goes with the hotel and some other things. Make it more in primary colors and we can tweak it from there.

4. How about a theme park set? You got the carousel, and Ive heard theres a ferris wheel. How about a roller coaster? Zoo? Sea World? Disney land, Six Flags, state fair, county fair... Different options so we can tailor it to our city, whether we're recreating Orlando, San Diego, our home town, a state Capitol...

5. A Capitol building. With a dome like in Wash DC. Maybe a couple other Wash DC landmarks.

6. This one I'd really like to see. A river square with the Golden Gate Bridge over it that connects with the road. Do the Brooklyn bridge, too.

7. Stadiums adopted from ones that have become city icons, like Wrigley Field. The baseball square is great but it makes me think of little league. How about a major league baseball stadium, an NFL stadium, a basketball stadium, soccer arena, and a hockey rink?! 

8. A ski lodge.

9. Mountains, in different variations. A snowy mountain, one with a ski lift, and one without. One with a bear and eagle. And an inactive volcano. What's Tahoe without a ski lodge? Ooooh, that reminds me. We need a lake square, too! What's Tokyo without Mount Fuji, or Washington State without Mount Ranier? What's Norway, Alaska, Switzerland or Austria without some Sound of Music hills and snowy mountains?

10. The aforementioned lake square.

11. You know how the river square makes the island if enough are together touching each other? Do that with the library and bank squares, so if side by side they seam together.

12. Louvre inspired squares, mainly a museum square like the library and bank squares, and one that seams together if placed side by side. A glass pyramid square. And a palace looking square that looks great whiter placed alone or placed next to our Louvre to mimic Napoleans apartment. I think that would make a lot of players happy. The Louvre is so spectacular, it's hard not to leave without being forever entranced!

That should keep you busy for the next few months. 

11-12-10, 12:26 PM
I love City Story ! That is my favorite "City Game" actually...

I've got some great ideas to make the city more beautiful :
- An ice rink
- Roads with traffic lights and possibly cars
- Train stations with tracks
- An airport
- University
- A wide shopping mall
- freeways
- a Post Office
- A zoo
- A beach
- Bridges
- Flower shop
- A museum
- Different types of houses

More fancy :)
- The Hollywood Sign & The Walk of Fame
- Santa Monica Pier
- Taj Mahal
- Egypt Pyramids

11-13-10, 02:45 AM
You can stop posting. Nobody of the team cares about new buildings...

11-13-10, 03:57 PM
In restaurant story the menu to select what you cook is in the same place you left off. Why can the contract menu be the same? I can't tell you how many times I have accidentally selected a contract I didn't want slidin through that menu.

01-21-11, 07:34 AM
Would be a great idea to include a clock on the status bar.
Great game.
I can't tell you how many times I've thought that very thing.


01-21-11, 07:55 AM
How about some Valentines Day inspired buildings

-lingerie shop. Can use the clothing boutique as a template. Change purple walls to red. Change dresses in windows to lingerie models. Call it "Amour" on the sign instead of "Mimis". Done.
-the red "LOVE" statue
-town hall decorated for holiday weddings
-Las Vegas marriage chapel. Put Elvis standing out front.
-A love boat log ride, you know, the love tunnel
-a cruise ship, make it obvious that it's the Love Boat
-flower shop with a special sale on roses and valentines day bouquets
-chocolatier shop
-candy store with candy hearts for sale
-hallmark store
-Vegas casino with newlywed penthouse suite
-pink two story house with a big heart floating above it and heart confetti on the roof. Noone has to tell the 4 year olds its a brothel. It's a newly wed couple home from their honeymoon. Right?!

 MorphineAngel

01-27-11, 06:01 AM
flag for Norther Ireland maybe?
shopping centre

01-27-11, 11:38 AM
You are all wasting your time. There will be no considerable updates. TL advertises "weekly updates", but what we see is a little nothing every 3-4 months.

False (fraudulent) advertising, unkept promises, worthless bla-bla from Norman...

Forget it.

01-30-11, 08:30 AM
So many good ideas here that just wont be looked at by TL. These great ideas will be ignored, and its such a shame, as these ideas are easy to put into practise. I'm currently creating my own city building game using UDK (Unreal Development Kit) for iPhone/iPad. So I'll be taking notes...


01-30-11, 10:55 PM
Wish to have a place to buy and sell buildings, especially for the rares.

02-11-11, 08:31 PM
Well they did add some of these things

02-12-11, 01:22 AM
1st off: Love the game! Reminds me of the original sim city in some ways but less interactive. Now the suggestions here are both great in terms of creativity & number. And My comment is down to the numbers. I can understand Team Lava not having the capacity to fulfill all requests but what triggers My reaction is the total silence by the any of the TL staff. Again, Norman is probably doing his best but i would like better interaction by Team Lava to us. At least divulge & discuss suggestions with us otherwise this forum is nothing more than a FAQ & FYI, and, alot of users being frustrated due to the fact that City Story never evolves. TL seems only engaged on releasing new versions rather than developing further what is findamentally a fun game. So i urge Norman to comment, at least show that u have ongoing plans & future implementations. Thank you!

02-14-11, 01:04 PM
Team Lava are not able to do regular updates anymore. They have found their bank account overflowing with $$$ from all the suckers out ther that they have all gone on world vacations. While these suckers empty their wallets to buy digit icons of historic landmarks, they are seeing the real thing. Last seen in Brazil so expect to see a magic case for Brazilian items soon.

03-20-11, 07:10 AM
propose: neighbor city connection
can choose a few "buddies" to interconnect with your city (build a bridge or something) and can help them collect coins from cleaned buildings and factory contracts (with you also gaining a bit from their profit)