View Full Version : The game is broken to me...

09-12-11, 12:23 AM
I am sorry that I am not one of those people that will pay real life money for gems/cash. I believe that is the same thing as buying gold from gold farmers. I understand that team lava must make their money somehow and that is fine. However, I do not see a reason in playing Zoo story any further. I have a great zoo (my ID is Fuhran if you want to see my zoo, and all other story games)with everything from the coin and some gems that i acquired from trying the other games. Unfortunately for me I didnt realize the importance of those free gems when I first started playing the game so I wasted them on stuff I could buy with coin early in the game. Which brings me to why the game is broken.

There is nothing left to buy that doesn't cost coin, and no way to acquire gems/cash with coin. So unless there is a way to buy the stuff that cost gems/cash with coin (perhaps for extremely expensive with coin) the game(s) lose interest for those who want to play a game for fun and competitiveness rather than "buying gold" to have a good story game.

Thank you all for reading.