View Full Version : The Donut Box! PERFECT! Thank You!

09-06-11, 07:26 AM

I just wanted to give the Team some great Credits for the Donut Box.
The Box got me to buy new Gems so I could afford 2 Boxes as saw an 100% chance to get great things.
I wanted them all for the first time! ;)

Normaly you want like 30% of the items from a box (atleast me), some of the other 70% are not the style I got in my place or they're not really worth 24 Gems.

Ive had unluck before at the other 6 boxes I have tryed to buy in both Restaurant Story and Bakery, even if I only took from the same box, (got rare items but didnt want those, wanted some of the less rare more ^^). THIS TIME... it was impossible to fail, THANK YOU! Need more items that I could place on the floor and that fits into a bakery! :D

Kind Regards,