View Full Version : Did Zoo Story really ask me to rate it 5 Stars when I logged on?

09-01-11, 02:09 PM
I'd love to as I did with RS, but for ZS? Really don't think so, not now anyway

09-01-11, 02:12 PM
deletedm it a long time ago:rolleyes:

09-01-11, 02:16 PM
I feel bad for ZS, ES, and TS. So few people play them anymore, it is just sad.

09-01-11, 02:31 PM
I played them daily, until a few days ago. Now forget it, Im not playing them anymore until TL updates. In conclusion no Gem money for TL, and TL knows how much I spend.

09-01-11, 09:35 PM
Please TL gives us some indication when an update is coming....:)

09-01-11, 11:01 PM
I deleted Zoo last night :( I don't have the heart to delete Empire though cause it's my favourite other than City :(

09-02-11, 12:39 PM
I deleted Zoo Story from the beginning. But my sister wanted me to keep TS and ES.

09-02-11, 01:20 PM
I don't play ZS or ES. TS isn't available on Android yet. I don't play because of the complaints I've read about in the forums about being neglected. I play Farm Story, RS, and BS, and am spoiled since they update those all the time; and I would have a hard time with a game that TL doesn't put much effort into.

09-02-11, 05:01 PM
I deleted it, too. I love the idea of Zoo Story, but there's just so many things wrong with it and I doubt it'll get the all updates it needs - removal of energy bar, mastery levels, crop limit, etc.

I think TL would be better off deleting all the really unpopular / neglected games and focusing on updates for its most popular games.