View Full Version : Start updating weekly, or I'm going back to We Rule

New Crobuzon
10-09-10, 02:45 PM
We Rule & We Farm update their content every week. You will lose customers soon if you do not keep up. Ngmoco (the developers of We Rule, We Farm, & We City) also have forums. However, members of their teams are very responsive--answering our questions quickly. We are also allowed to vote on new ideas, and many of those ideas that have gained the most support are eventually implemented.

No, Ngmoco is not perfect, but compared to TeamLava's lack of response to their committed players (hey, no casual players are commenting on your forums guys--we are most likely to be the people buying stuff with real $), they are the gold standard.

I'm not interested in playing a game made by a company that ignores its customers so blatantly, and shows little interest in enhancing our play experience.

Please take this criticism in the spirit it is given. I've enjoyed City Story enormously, but you must put out more new content AND respond to your customers, or we will go elsewhere to spend our time and money.

10-10-10, 10:53 PM
More replies from a lot of players over there!

Funny & ironic --- players would rather discuss issues among themselves than reading/posting here...
at the feedback board; since they knew that TeamLava don't answer any questions/concerns anyway.