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06-02-10, 01:46 PM
Just to let everyone know, pomegranates grow on trees just like Apples or Oranges. They do not grow on the ground. Go to a pomegranate farm and you will see. Google it. If you see the pictures where it looks like it is on the ground then it is because the trees are very young and they still produce pomegranates. Old Pomegranate trees can be 15-20 feet just like apple trees.

This error is akin to having a carrot tree in the game. Fix it.

Also, why have multiple crops that harvest after 1 day or 16 hours. Get a 1 hour crop and a 2 hour crop and a 30 minute crop. Having crops that harvest at the same time like corn, onion and potato is a waste. people will go for the most lucrative one and the game is missing a crop that harvests in between 5 minutes and 3 hours. Why the huge gap?


Farmer Grud
06-02-10, 02:07 PM
This is what the Pomegranate crop looks like when ready for harvest in game...


If you look close, you will see IT IS A TREE!!!

06-03-10, 03:32 AM
While varied crop gestations would be cool but multiples are helpful, not only for those of lower levels but for myself; supplementing a carrot or two when running just short of cash for a full field of Cantaloupe.

06-04-10, 11:48 PM
I think that the confussion would be that the Pomegrante is listed in the crops section not in the trees section ( I like it better this way - more choises in the crops)

I also like the muiltple choises in the same time frame ie carrots & cantaloupe. But we do need a 1 hour crop! (there is a 30 minute crop - cranberry)

06-06-10, 03:19 PM
I all so like it better this way :) even tho pomegranate do grow on trees more options in crops are good......