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10-03-10, 03:05 AM
My storm8 id: pastoren
Email: mobile@golden-karaoke.com
I have a iphone g3 32mb
The game has some major errors:
Error 1. The game is to slow and breaks down!
I have 300 naboes, i clean at abou 30 naboes a day
It can sometime take 2 hours ! To do!!!!
Why!! if i clean my own town and starts cleNing a nabo, an a peropn is cleaning my town at
The same time the game slows down and it can take up till two minuts
Before the game reach the nabo i like to clean!
After a while the music flikkers, the game freeze and it final breaks out of game
I dont have this problem in the farm game,
My friend next to me widt a iphone 4 does not have this problem
Ill think it maby have somthing to do width dataconnections!
Or serverload problems!

Error 2. it to slow to do every thing in the game, there is to
Many timeloops involved, remove them? To speed up the game....
It not rigth to spent 1 hour, when i only spend
15 minutes at the same in farm story!

Error 3. Gifts!!!!
Please for people having more than 25 naboes make a
Tag all field it will satisfy a lot of players!
And it takrs 2 second to programe he he

Error 4. DEAD Naboes
Please make the removal of them happens automaticly!

Else thanks for a nice game
Aalborg city

10-04-10, 11:03 AM
I have the exact same problem, it started 2 days ago. I really hope that the dev's will take care of this. It's not fun to play anymore.