View Full Version : 8 Ideas for the 8th Month!

08-10-11, 05:57 PM
Since August is the 8th month of the year, why not give you 8 option of new things you would like added to Zoo Story!

Things to note:
-This poll is open for 15 days
-You can select multiple answers
-Feel free to suggest new things here

Also don't forget to keep adding to the list of suggestions over at, http://forums.teamlava.com/showthread.php?15876-5-Suggestions-for-your-Zoo!

08-11-11, 01:12 AM
new animals: red panda, moose, wombat, lynx etc
new crops: some type of berry, more grains etc
petting zoo, water rides etc :)

08-11-11, 01:53 AM
Buildings - Aquarium, Pop Shop, Candy Store, Arcade, Small Theater.
Animals - Giraffe, Dolphin, Hippo, Polar Bear, Killler Whale, Osterich, Wildebeast.

08-11-11, 08:53 AM
Whatever you add, please make sure the scale is not terrible wrong, as with the ferris-wheel and the Roller coaster, who both look like they belong to a different game, since they are complete wrong scale ...

08-11-11, 10:23 AM
Please make more space available - either in the form of expansions OR in the form of links to other 24x24 properties... This would allow us to be thematic and creative in our layout. (Sort of the way Disney World is made up of four different properties linked by monorail.)

As for new attractions... well, I don't have room for anything else, but if more space were made available, I would want:

- a popcorn stand
- more fruit trees
- penguins
- takins
- hippos
- chupacabra ;)

Also, why isn't there an Amusement Park Story?

Love the game... please create a way to earn gems! :)

08-15-11, 02:35 AM
Just had an idea for the "mystical Animal" Chupacabra that WilliamsburgZoo mentioned. Why not make it an empty cage? And the animal only shows for like 10 minutes (distributed randomly) over the day. In those 10 minutes one could harvest insane gold from it and more important ... get a look on how that thing looks :-)

08-20-11, 03:09 AM
I want new animals. Polar bears, penguins are ones that come to mind. A petting zoo would be a nice item.

More than adding content, what I think will REALLY help this game is if you remove the energy bar and have a crop farmland amount limit. Make trees unlimited, because they take space and only give you so much food in a day. Also, add mastery levels for crops PLEASE. We NEED a way to earn gems. I think a gem for all 4 levels would be fair, because some animals are really expensive. You need to add in more crops!