View Full Version : Restarting game?

08-10-11, 02:33 PM
Hi all. I'm coming to the 'end' of the game. I have expanded to the max, have it decorated the way I want it and have just about mastered all the drinks. Is there anyway to reset the game and start again? I've tried to delete it and reinstall it but that didn't reset it. Any one any ideas? Thanks.

08-10-11, 02:37 PM
Hi myshop55 -

Unfortunately there is not a reset option for the TeamLava games. An uninstall and re-install will open the games where you left off pre uninstall.

The only thing you could do is to sell off all the items you have and go from there.

08-12-11, 05:43 PM
Thanks for the reply. Yeah that's about all I can do from here. Keep up the good work with the new drinks and items!