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09-29-10, 06:31 PM
First I'd like to thank you for creating a terrific and slightly (very) addictive game!! Ok, now for some suggestions:

for those of us looking to create realistic cities and towns:

1. Dry cleaners
2. A farmer's market or grocery store (something minus BARS on the window)
4. a better variety of the "fancy" homes
5. A little more selection of each architectural style would be nice.. We have 1 NY townhouse and now a couple Miami looking condos. Makes it a little tricky to create a cohesive appearance.
6. More attractive/bigger variety of boutiques. Little less yucky purple/cement wall?
7. Bridge?
8. Hospital
9. Make ALL items rotatable.
10. People? Streets with cars
11. Central Station (NYC)
12. Fences
13. Toy store
14. Driveways (could make them segments of an s) for those of us creating homes with property.

Ok that's what myself and my friends have been wishing for, that I can remember... Lol. Oh and I understand that you might need to make a few offerings payable by $1. Yes A FEW. lol. I think based on the number of case items I've seen, there's a market!!! I'm lvl 50 and anxiously awaiting more variety up here.

Thanks!!! I'd send pics of examples if you'd be open?

09-30-10, 09:14 AM
I want a railway with a station :)

10-01-10, 09:32 PM
Maybe I am odd, but I would like a cemetery next to the church.