View Full Version : Fresh ideas addons

09-29-10, 01:03 PM
Here are a few items missing that i'd love to have in the game.

- Slabs of pavement for parking lots.
- Actual 3D buildings(not 2 sided like it is now)
- Two lanes streets
- Bus stops and terminals
- Daylight and nightlight (time zones from iphone would control this), this way i'd know that one of my neighbor is from another country etc.
- Quit menu for a self reboot or refresh of the game, (don't have to wait for it to crash).
- Casinos so you and i can make money (slot machines).
- Program that you have to install a house behind a road(preventing pillups of houses).
- Having a home that belongs to me and a job. Get paid a salary, earn coins.

More to come - others welcome too add