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08-07-11, 05:20 AM

1: My 60GB And 40GB PS3's both now broke n my 120GB PS3 is my dads, me no use :( (he scared it will break LOL), i sent my 60Gb to get fixed it came back other day (my dad sick to death of fixing it lol) and the bluetooth dont work, the net dont work and its now stuck in update mode! (its basically [edit]) the whole reason i chose my 60GB was caus 60 is da best and it had my old data from years back, and now i tink ima lose it caus of this gay update :(.
2: Ive never had a proper computer, ie nothing has been working fully, like the one im on atm has enough go in it to play minecraft, just, but the cd trays dont wont properly, so i cant play my old games like Theme Park world etc, caus its a XP machine :), my other machine has vista and played theme park and all that but no modern games, and i culdent use a webcam etc, i upgraded to windows 7, then EVERYTIN stopped working, horay! so that was [edit] and a waste of money, now this old comp now is border line, oh and my laptop is slow as [edit], it plays theme and all that, just, caus its XP :), so bascially i havent got a NORMAL computer.
3: ive spent so much money into fixing stuff and all this its unbelieving

i no ure prob just like shut up lol, but really ive had it, just had it

and before you say get a new one, yes im getting a job in 2 weeks and i then can get a new comp :), eventually, but still my PS3'sss

Like everytin has a bug or some sort of thing not working properly, was this world ment to see all this comming with technology, like tech shuld be flawless 110%

anyways i want you guys to comment on what has broke in your life, ie, phone, comp, how much money uve spent on fixing things, whats has bugs and does not work etc.

(BTW i treat all my kit with love and care)

08-07-11, 06:12 AM
My comp. The one im on now. CD drive wont read ANYTHING.

08-07-11, 06:17 AM
My comp. The one im on now. CD drive wont read ANYTHING.

you just want it to work init, have you tried to connect a external cd drive to your comp?

08-07-11, 06:19 AM
no not yet. I always tell myself to go to best buy but that never happens. :p

08-07-11, 09:22 AM
Sorry to hear that. My other computer i working slow now. i hate slow computers!!!