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08-06-11, 04:27 PM
Hello everyone!

So we can make everyone happy, we would love to know what you would like in your Zoo! I know many of you have taken the initiative to make your own threads on your ideas but it gets a bit hard to look through every thread!

Please use this thread as the universal suggestions page for August! Post your ideas and hey, you never know, you might get what you want! :)
Will we look; How does it work?
Yes! I will be checking this thread daily and giving your suggestions to the team! All you have to do is list 5 things you would like added. This can be anything such as type of animals, buildings, etc.


08-07-11, 12:14 AM
1. Ped panda
2. Eucalyptus trees
3. Bamboo
4. Chocolate shop
5. More crops - any type :)

08-07-11, 08:51 AM
I am wondering if anyone of TL has ever been to a zoo.
So I don't think you need suggestions from the users, just put some new animals to the game.
But I have an idea:
It would be nice if the animal gets the correct food, so the the lion gets meat and not apples.
Birds get some kind of corn, Rhinoceros should get grass and plants and monkeys bananas....
Some new buildings should be added also. This is more difficult....I don't really have an idea...
But what about stone paths ? with different designs ?
So I am still hoping that there will an update, because this game is dying !

08-07-11, 09:50 AM
New animals that can be purchased with coins, a way to earn gems, silos for food storage, option to have energy automatically taken from storage/stored energy added to energy bar amount so if you have 10 3-energy packs your energy bar increases from 30 to 60 (10x3=30 +30energy=60 total)

08-10-11, 05:53 AM
1. "Logistics Center" to have food delivered (LOT?s of food, so I do NOT need a FARM next to my zoo),
2. "New Types of Path" (Stone, wood planks, curved dirt track, etc.)
3. "Selectable Cages" (<--- have several options for the cage that the animal is in. Means I can select the "background" that is shown under the animal.)
4. "Cage Add-Ons" Means not every cage has to be the same square, but instead it could be increased have some climbing trees for the monkeys, a big pool for the water animals, etc. ... that thing should not only make the cage look different, but also INCREASE the maximum number of animals of that type that can be stored.
5. "More Service Buildings", like a "Trainers Hut" (that allowes to increase the maximum number of animals in the cages), and a "Ticket Booth" (that increases the number of people that walk throught the zoo), and a "Wheel Chair Rental" (they have it in real zoos and my grandma loves it).

6. More Stuff that uses the fact, that this game alows also "tiny" objects like trash cans, benches, etc. so not everything looks the same "one big grid to bind them all".
--> More objects that are NOT square shaped, so the place looks not like a "grid" but like a real landscape

08-15-11, 02:21 PM
Thanks for the suggestions! Keep them coming! How about you guys give us some suggestions for animals you would like to see in the game.

08-15-11, 02:28 PM
i don t play it anymore but what do you think about a1064;);)

08-15-11, 04:33 PM
Hi swiminn6, please tell the team I would like

a lighthouse
random animal esapes
a sky ride
those little duck food dispensers where you put a quarter in and feed the ducks
a fossa

08-24-11, 01:34 AM
Wow people have asked for some great things!
I'm only suggesting animals because I cant think of anything else XD

1. giraffe
2. butterfly
3. Turtle
4. peacock
5. A DINOSAUR!!!!!!!!! :D (special buy of course)

08-28-11, 03:48 PM
My top 5 Zoo Story Wishlist (in no particular order):

1. DINOSAURS!!! Although to be honest, what I'd really like to see is an entire dino park game, not just an exspensive gem add-on dinosaur for a regular zoo.
2. Attractions and buildings: Things you might find at an actual zoo: petting zoo, insect house, butterfly house, animal hospital, play area, educational centre, water fountain, zoo keeper's house, souvenir vendor (a small one, like the hot dog vendor etc.)
3. Different styles of entrance: You could have an old-fashioned iron gate, or a tall wooden gate (i.e. Jurassic Park style) or a rainbow or a hedge etc. etc.
4. Different styles of border fence: They could even go with the entrances, then you could completely customise your zoo to give it your own style. Could be black iron railings, or a leafy hedge, or bamboo etc. etc. It'd make a big difference to the over-all look of your zoo.
5. DINOSAURS!!! Oh wait, I think I mentioned that already. Ok, my number 5 would be...... Different pathways.

08-29-11, 02:15 AM
1) cheetahs
2) otters
3) meerkats
4) spectacled bears
5) more crops

08-29-11, 02:57 AM

New crops
Higher food storage levels

These would improve the game for me, but any new updates would be fantastic to make the game more interesting. I play the farm game and we get weekly updates and lots of boxes for prizes so stuff like that would be ace 

08-29-11, 03:48 AM
I've suggested 5 things already but here are 5 animals I'd like to see...

1. Meerkats <- Loving that idea!!!
2. Butterflies
3. Bats
4. Gorillas
5. Penguins

08-29-11, 05:29 AM
Do you guys have any crop ideas?

08-29-11, 08:08 AM
Crops like on the farm!! Such as onions, leek, beetroot, broccoli, rice, peppers etc.

08-29-11, 08:40 AM
I think the crops need to be more relevant to the animals, otherwise it doesn't really make sense to have a farm on a zoo. And I think meat and fish need to be worked into the game. Not as crops, obviously. But how many lions do you know who eat potatoes!? If I was in charge of TL I'd put a Steak Tree in the game. The idea is a little wacky, but so am I. And I hate to see my virtual lions go hungry. As far as crops go, maybe these would work:

1. Bamboo (for the pandas)
2. Peanuts (for the elephants)
3. Mango (for the more exotic animals)
4. Papaya (same reason I suppose!)
5. Butternut Squash

09-13-11, 09:02 PM
Would like to get gems by planting crops or something to get them, don't like to buy them all the time.

09-14-11, 08:31 AM
DEFINITELY mastery that would earn gems the same as the other stories. I love the suggestions for the new animals. Peacocks would be terrific and gorgeous, dinosaurs would be cool but wouldn't really fit the theme. A whole new story with prehistoric animals would be cool. NEW STUFF FOR COINS NOT GEMS! Ticks me off that I can't do the lion quest because I can't buy gems to buy lions.

09-14-11, 05:57 PM

09-20-11, 06:09 PM
Perhaps more location specific changes like maybe rain forest animals, like parrots, butterfly exhibits, new foods having do deal with tropical fruits like peaches, oranges, kiwi, ect. Another location specific change could be marine life, like whales, dolphins, exzotic fishes, eels. You could add swimming with dolphins or like aquarium attractions. Just some ideas I hope you guys like them :)

09-25-11, 06:23 AM
I don't care as long as something new is added.

09-28-11, 12:04 AM
1: A way to earn gems
2: More coin animals
3: Higher food stock limit
4: Achievements that don't involve gems (gem animals, or skip with gems, I've used all mine!)
5: A restart ability

09-30-11, 12:45 AM
How about anything new....please just a small update. I'm beginning to think ZS has been forgotten by TL :(