View Full Version : How to shift items to another place

07-29-11, 12:41 AM

Is anyone know how to shift items to another place?
Like for example I want to move my shoes to another table
Or even switch items between two tables
Is it possible?

07-29-11, 02:38 AM
No, u cannot move the merchandise that is already placed on the racks/ tables. You will have to clear the table first and order new items . It's not possible to move clothes/ shoes/ bags etc from one rack/table to another.

07-30-11, 12:11 AM
I see

I also want to ask one more.
I happen to store my table which has items
The table stored under catalog but I guess my
Items dissapeared
Is there any way I can get back my items

07-30-11, 01:44 AM
Unfortunately your items are gone for good when you store your table or rack...