View Full Version : need more player to player interaction + misc

09-23-10, 03:22 PM
i still firmly believe that players should be able to gift anything in their inventory. and even gift city cash and coins.

i've posted this before, and someone responded that this would be "dumb" because it would let people "cheat."

the only way you would be able to cheat is if you had multiple devices. it may be common for people to have an iphone and an ipad or ipod touch. but what's the big deal? that person has already sunk hundreds of dollars on multiple apple devices. so to have a little advantage is a trivial thing to argue.

the benefits however are that people will be able to interact with the neighbors in another level. trading, selling to neighbors, buying from neighbors. a whole economy can be created, spurred by new items released in updates from teamlava.

i haven't given it too much thought, but i think what i've typed so far is only the tip of the iceberg. teamlava should look to other city building games like sim city to see what those developers have implemented to create a deeper world for their players to immerse themselves in.

*misc. 1 = i've been reorganizing my city a lot. it would be nice to have a "send all to inventory" or a multi-select tool to edit buildings.

*misc. 2 = half tile items, such as sidewalk only, grass only, road only. SUPER USEFUL.