View Full Version : Annoying pop up every min

07-22-11, 06:29 PM

I am playing zoo story right now and "Try our new Game! Mobster wars" pops up every min or so and there is not even "close" button on the ad. I have to restart the game and a min or so later another pop up again. I have been doing that for at least ten times hoping that it will go away. Please fix it.

07-22-11, 06:37 PM
Try downloading the game. You can uninstall it after that.

09-14-11, 08:34 AM
Exactly, download the game - you get 6 free gems for EACH game that you already have (if that's still being offered - it says earn 6 gems and I was delighted when, after I dl the game, I got 6 gems for all of the games I played). OPEN the game and play it at least once, then if you don't like it - delete it. You keep the gems, you won't get any more popups for THAT game but you will get popups for any game you haven't already downloaded. I did that for every game (finally, after months of those AWFUL popups), earned a fair number of gems and even kept one of the games, deleted the rest. No more popups!!

kooky panda
09-14-11, 08:41 AM
Note: A few things have changed a little on the pop up offers. If your pop-up does not say you will get free gems, you probably will not.
If it tells you that you will get free gems you may only get them for the game that you respond to first.
You may still get gems in all games, but to be sure, make sure you download from the game that you want the gems to go to first.