View Full Version : help where is my city cash

09-21-10, 12:16 PM
i have a city cash 38 i do nothing at all but now My cash is 25 i payd by credit card for it where is my money i mis 13 cash it was gone in a moment !!!! HELP ME PLEASE

can t somebody help this is not fair at alll help me please my english is also very bad !!!!

09-21-10, 12:23 PM
You didn't accidentally click too fast while managing your factories either? That tends to steal quite some city cash if you're not careful enough... =/

If that's not the case, I have no clue what might've happend. Relog maybe? (although I assume you tried that already).
Anyway, I hope you'll get it back somehow. Good luck. :o

09-21-10, 01:27 PM
Sorry for the double post but, in case you have not found a solution yet, you could possibly send an email to: support@teamlava.com. You'll have a bigger chance of getting a response from TeamLava when it's by email, maybe they can help you. =]