View Full Version : Keeps crashing!! Help!

09-19-10, 07:52 PM
My game crashes everytime I try to do anything. It has been doing this since the new update. Ive tried deleting the game and reloading it but that dose nothing for it. And I cant turn my ipod off because my button is broken. So please let me know, is there anything else I can do???

09-19-10, 07:58 PM
Sometimes a free game is free for a reason. TL's games are notoriously buggy. They're cash cows. Meaning they make a profit from the fools here (ya I see those I'm referring to reading this, lmao) willing to pay RL money in the game(s) but take their sweet time addressing any reported glitches.

I wonder how fast the devs would move if the 'Add More Cash' button in their game broke? Hmm, intriguing huh? Lol!

Btw, crashing horrendously on my end as well the past several hours. ;)