View Full Version : Gift Issues and Notifications!!!

07-09-11, 08:40 AM
Ever since the last update for Fashion story, whenever I go to gift my
friends, it's only letting me click one friend at a time, send them a gift,
then click the next friend, send them a gift, etc. I have over 100 friends
that i gift daily and this is a long process. Is this just a glitch or is
this the new was of gifting. Also, I still can't customize my Avatar nor can
I receive notifications on when my items are ready or when I receive gifts
from friends.

Phone model: LG Optimus V (Android)

07-13-11, 08:45 AM
It happened to me too. I hope they fix it soon because
I hate gifting one person at a time.

Phone model: Samsung Galaxy S (Android)

kooky panda
07-13-11, 09:12 AM
I play on iphone, but I have seen in other threads that team lava is aware of the issues and trying to work on some fixes.

07-13-11, 09:46 AM
yes this is annoying. they used to have the gift check boxes like normal, but after an update, that got removed. not sure why. it's annoying having to go through the process of sending gifts to each and every one.

07-13-11, 10:27 AM
I am on the Motorola Droid 2 with this problem as well