View Full Version : Requested enhancement - gifts

09-18-10, 02:47 AM
Hi Teamlava,

Unless it is already a feature and I don't know how to achieve it, can we not gift something from the inventory? Especially now since the magic briefcase. I have no need for windmills, multiple Big Bens etc, so would like to be able to gift them so they can be a feature on someone elses city. Or if it is possible already, how to do this?

09-18-10, 03:16 AM
I saw there was a feature to sell the items, so did that with one of the items. It cost $24 to buy which equates to 100,000 coins approx. And it gave me 3,000 coins. That I consider very unfair, especially since it does not tell you the amount you will get. Learnt the hard way.

09-18-10, 08:55 PM
hi , im just requesting new stuff, shopping mall, more take away shops, caravan park, skate park, hotels, pub, mini farm, pyramid, hollywood sign, leaning tower of pitza, sydney opera house, bus depo, train station, government house, youth centre, power tower, high school, etc etc, i hope to see city story become the best city game out there..

09-24-10, 07:14 PM
I would like to add that I am getting the same stuff in the magic case each time and basically I will no longer continue to buy them as I have no need for 3 st. basils etc. Either there needs to be more possibility of variety or as previously suggested we need to be able to gift them so we could swap with a neighbour???? Just my 2c worth. Thanks

09-27-10, 10:25 AM
Perhaps it would be best for everyone if you DID AWAY with the Magic Case ENTIRELY, putting the new buildings into the various Build menus! This would do away with the multiple Big Bens, etc . . . as well as allowing people to SELECT the ones they want. For instance, I wouldn't mind buying several MORE wind farms, but I really DO NOT WANT St. Basil's since it is merely a decoration (And an eye-sore at that - and that comes from a committed Christian PASTOR). On my third (and LAST) Magic Case buy I got the Luxury Condo that I wanted, only to find that it increased population by a mere 600 people!!!! The 2 wind farms I got my first two buys only add 600 to happiness each, which means that NONE of these additions was WORTH the money I spent!!!! I WOULD like a more elaborate Church for my city (which already has three) but St. Basil's is CERTAINLY not what I would want, nor would I want a Big Ben in my city (there is one out there with a U.S. flag right next to it, which is rather ironic for a building which is part of the BRITISH HOUSES OF PARLIAMENT!!!!