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09-18-10, 01:59 AM
I have the biggest town you can get, i get between 30-40 new naboes request a day, should i clean at all my naboes then it takes me 3 hours x 2 A DAY!
You need to find a solurion to this problem?
I have a couppel of ideas:
1. Set down or remove delayes in the proccess, it does not remove the problem but ot decrease the problem.
2.or you can buy cleaning team as. A daily, weekly, monthly thing this option should only be avaiable for over eksmple 300 naboes.
3. Make a easyer way to clean.

Please come back with an answer.

Aalborg city

09-25-10, 04:35 PM
What is you Storm8 ID so I can add you?

09-26-10, 01:31 PM
You could also be like: alright, [insert number here] will be the limited amount of neighbors I'll have, and stop accepting the 30-40 request everyday (assuming that's -/+ what you do). The max amount of neighbors can be any amount you're able to somewhat manage.

I had the same problem you have right now, and I figured things weren't working, so I starting making things easier by deleting everyone below 3 stars. Only that, reduced my total amount of neighbors by 400-500.

After, I decided to not add any more neighbors. So now, I have a smaller, loyal & somewhat manageable group of neighbors. It's works for me.

Your idea (a cleaning team) isn't necessarily a bad idea, but for now there are other ways to make thing more managable.

Good luck, whatever you decide to do~ =]

09-29-10, 05:49 AM
What is you Storm8 ID so I can add you?

my Storm8 ID is BOB4U