View Full Version : Devalued auto repair

09-17-10, 11:37 PM
I've been enjoying your game on the iPad. It is surprisingly addictive.

Today with your new update I was saddened to see that my previously happy city became unhappy. Apparently the auto repair shops that I "spent" 400,000 on have suddenly been devalued and no longer provide much happiness, although they did when purchased. Will arbitrary and capricious revaluations be a new "feature" of the game? It would seem to violate the idea of fun with city planning by eliminating the ability to plan.

Any chance that you can retain old values even as you add new items and new features?


09-18-10, 03:00 AM
I totally agree, and I'm very disappointed about this change!
Please give us at least the money back we spent on this building.

09-18-10, 09:54 AM
I absolutely agree. I can't believe that this was a positive decision, just an implementation error surely? Please correct it quickly. It's not just the auto repair business that's changed - office blocks are also now a lower 'happiness' rating and maybe there are others.

09-18-10, 02:06 PM
Before this recent update my city update was over 95,000 and I was about to build an Eco Condo to increase my population. This morning I check back in and the happiness had dropped to 82,000! That means I have to build more businesses that generate happiness, A LOT of them! It doesn't seem to only be Auto Repair, for I only had ONE of THEM, so WHAT ELSE was depreciated?!?!?! It is NOT RIGHT to devalue something one has earned by working at the contract mastery, cleaning other users, etc. . . Between this and the uncorrected practice of just jamming buildings together without any concern for the PEOPLE who are supposed to USE THEM (let alone clean them), and I've about HAD IT with TeamLava! O, that and the NEW money-making "Magic Case" rip-off!