View Full Version : vampires game

07-04-11, 04:24 AM
Every time I try to play or visit a neighbour the pop up for the vampire game keeps coming up. I clicked it of course because I wanted the gems but the game doesn't work on my android and its really starting to annoy me. Can't there be a say no forever option?????

07-04-11, 02:19 PM
Are you referring to Vampires Live? That game is available for Android devices, however might not be available/supported on all Android devices.

Is there a no thanks option? I have all the Storm8 and TeamLava apps so I no longer see those unless a new offer/app is released so I can't remember if there is a no thanks or not interested option.

07-04-11, 02:23 PM
There is a way to say 'no', which is pressing the cross. However, the popups do keep appearing and you can't tick any boxes saying 'don't should this message again' or anything like that.

07-04-11, 09:51 PM
Trenae there is no option for don't show the message again and i've tried installing most of the storm 8 games as well but only the story games work (which I am eternally happy about). Its just the vampires live pop up comes up every time I open the app or visit a neighbour. Its just frustrating cos I keep pressing it by accident and can't install the game to get rid of the pop up.