View Full Version : Little "dance" character won't go away

06-29-11, 01:00 AM
I redesigned my game and now a stationary dance character won't go away. If I place a bar there I can't do anything with the bar, either (won't let me finish mixing a drink or serving it).

What I mean by the dance character is the little "bouncing" dance symbols when neighbors and community members "tip". It is stationary, doesn't bounce. There wasn't a dance floor tile in that spot before I redesigned my game so there wasn't a tip that I didn't notice before so how can I get it off?

I've done the steps I can think of (uninstall, reinstall; shut down the app and start it back up) and it won't go away.
I've placed a second DJ player on the spot for now but I want it off because it's annoying to see.