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09-13-10, 12:45 PM
How do u restart building your city I've made a mess and want to start again :0(

09-13-10, 01:13 PM
How do u restart building your city I've made a mess and want to start again :0(

Why start over? If you don't like the way your city looks, then you can inventory everything and start over from a clean slate. Alternatively, you can sell what you have and purchase the items you want.

09-14-10, 10:47 AM
There is no way to start over at the moment. When I joined CS a while ago, I also wanted to start all over because I messed up, I couln't... everything turned out just fine later, anyway. The only way to re-do your city, is to put everything in your inventory and 'start over', like the person above me said. I wouldn't sell stuff though, the amount of money you get for items, is totally not worth it (unless you're sure you'll never use it again).

Good luck. =]

09-14-10, 02:22 PM
Why start over? .

I think that the reason someone would want to start over fresh is because of what you start with, ie. 100,000 coins, gems.

Maybe they spent them all and they do not want to "camp" on city story doing popsiciles and cleaning a ton of other cities hoping that they clean back to get back to that point. Just a thought....

09-15-10, 10:29 AM
I need a fix , to close and restart. Do to a group of spies.
This group watches your texting and tries to get info from you. and now have broken into my FB account.
( Lesson learned )
A group of about 5-6 German texter players , City story , ww , and farm town.
I have found out through a german translator app , some of the words / text written.
" running a scheme , and text about plots. " Two of them are sisters "
Some is either mixed translation , or slang.
One player leaves all my text on their wall. and deletes everyone elses.
Please get a shut down fix , ( delete the app - after 4 hrs. it deletes itself.)
And if you want to replay , you create a new game.
If you want to know who it or these players are conntact me............... here !!!!!!!!!!!!!