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09-12-10, 01:14 AM
Let's begin by saying I LOVE THIS GAME. I started playing City Story within the first week it was launched, and true to its description in the app store ("City Story? includes FREE updates with new businesses, houses, parks, landmarks and more EVERY WEEK!"), the developers did include new shops/businesses/etc to build every week, and I was honestly very impressed by the promptness of their delivery. It made me like the game even more!

However, this has since stopped. I check every day and ever so often, but there have not been any updates for nearly two weeks (since 23 Aug). I wish I didn't have to say this, but I am starting to get bored of this game. And I wonder how long more I can continue this... making new contracts, collecting cash, cleaning your neighbour's city, etc. It feels repetitive. I have also saved up quite a lot of money in anticipation of any possible new items (sadly, the new items are now sold in millions), but there's nothing new to look forward to. (And I don't want to spend the money and get caught in a situation where I can't buy the new buildings lol.)

It's starting to feel like the many other games..where developers often fail to live up to their promise. What do you think?

Can TeamLava tell us realistically how often we should expect updates (so we don't get disappointed)?

Also, if you are indeed updating soon, can we have a variety of affordable and expensive buildings? I would like to have a bigger variety of the small shops in addition to the skyscraper type buildings...

Thanks for reading this.

09-12-10, 01:58 AM
I was just wandering the same thing! For 2 weeks now there hasn't been a single update... Feel exactly the same as above... Love the game and every sunday I press the Feature button with my fingers crossed!! But nothing... Don't know what to look forward too now... Sad, because before the game become as exiting as the first time every sunday when new buildings arrived!!!


Great game!!! Very addicting... (before..)

09-12-10, 02:10 AM
There is another discussion in the other city story topic "discussion" - Norman says they can't speculate. But the city story description on the itunes website (written by city story developers) says that it will be a weekly update. Yet Norman says it isn't.

Therefore, if you have paid money - go to Apple for a refund like I have done - the reason you give them is that the description is weekly updates, yet we are not getting those weekly updates so customer not being satisfied with the service provided.

Norman has yet to answer this, why it says so on the itunes website.

Why????????? He claims to see all that is written on here so why can't he answer?

09-13-10, 04:03 AM
Norman, two weeks since last update.... well?

09-18-10, 12:57 AM
Thanks for the new items, teamlava!

A suggestion for you: perhaps you could release a small number of items weekly to ensure that you can update weekly rather than a big number every three weeks?

09-18-10, 01:24 AM
Expansion required to put all the new items in a d create a great city