View Full Version : City Not Refreshing

09-10-10, 08:47 PM
I am not sure if this problem is from the recent update or updating my phone.
Usually when you load the game there is a little splash screen and a loading icon spinning.
Now my game is just loading into my city and even though I have not played the game for 8 hours and my News feed is full of "so and so" cleaned your city. None of my building are cleaned. Sometimes I can go into social and visit some other cities, and then go back to my city. It will be refreshed and I can see all the cleaned buildings in my city. Turning my phone off then back on will get the game to refresh when I turn it back on and I can collect the cleaned buildings

09-10-10, 08:59 PM
I think I found the answer in another thread.
OS 4.0 and the multi-tasking seems to be my problem. No one has cleaned my city in the past few minutes to find out.