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05-30-10, 11:32 PM
The game is holding my attention but I had some ideas to share for more play. Add more animals like goats, llamas, dairy cows, turkey, long horn cattle, cats, camels, bison/buffalo, ostrich, etc... Now for more decorations like tractors, combine, plow, flowers or planters, and even a herb garden. Decorations such as a chicken coop, mud pit for pigs, pond/tank for livestock, green houses for plants etc... Now for the players who go out of their way to water, the stars are great but for a reward of fertilizer or crop instant bloom to use on their crops that comes as a bonus reward. Also a way to tell our neighbors apart in the community list, perhaps high lighting the name or colored dot after the name. Then a delete option to delete players who are not wanted and those that are unwanted invites in the friends list. Finally an option to harvest the whole crop at once, instead of selecting each section. Maybe that option becomes available when your farm reaches a certain size.
I know by now you have had comments about the force closings and the pesky internet connection notice that pops up ALL the time.
Thanks for the opportunity to share some of my suggestions, maybe we will see them soon.

05-31-10, 03:12 AM
Using Farm Ville as an example I would say that many of those cool suggestions are likely to make it here sooner or later. I don't like the single 'harvest all' option myself but then again, were it implemented, I wouldn't have to use it. :)

05-31-10, 04:30 PM
On the neighbours list, could it be sorted by the amount of water you have available at the neighbours farm.

I find myself checking a few times per day (get a life springs to mind) and often revisit farms I've already watered.

Another useful feature would be a flag if the farm is already fully watered, you could click on the symbol and an automated reply is posted on their wall to this effect.


06-01-10, 02:34 PM
Hi there, very cool app (I unfortunately spend hours on it !). Some of us (players) would be grateful to : be able to change the ID, have the possibility to keep the farm "hold on" during holidays, delete pending invited neighbours who does'nt want to become a neighbour, havesting the fields of other players with authorization. Big thanks for the fun and beautiful graphics ! Read U later...

06-01-10, 08:25 PM
It'd be pretty useful if we could check the time and date of the messages left on our walls