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06-20-11, 09:32 PM
I have expanded my shop size as 13x16 by paying 500,000(won) on Thursday.
Afterwards, I made sure that that my shop size has been expanded.
However when I logged back into my room again to play game, the shop size
has not been expanded as 13x 16 but my money was already gone. I don?t know
what is going on.
What I am supposed to do?
I really want money back.

06-20-11, 09:44 PM
A lot of people are facing issues like this and from what I've heard Team Lava won't do anything about it. It sucks, but I guess it's based on they don't think they could get any proof and that people will lie.

06-21-11, 04:10 AM
I haven't come across this problem, but maybe a work-around is to decorate the expansion (if you didn't) before you log out after expanding. Even if you just move a few tables and racks there it would help, if you didn't already try this. GL!

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06-21-11, 10:44 AM
Actually, from what I've heard most people are still in the game, buy the expansion and then suddenly their game is out of sync with the server so there's nothing they could do but sit there and stare as their game was refreshed and the expansion plus money was gone forever.

06-21-11, 11:43 AM
Well, speculation aside into the malevolent trappings of TeamLava Support, you can always try emailing them, as they can help you with this issue. They can be reached at: support@teamlava.com.

06-21-11, 01:52 PM
Don't recall mentioning malevolent trappings of Team Lava support, just saying from what I've read people have been told that it can't be proven so TL can't sort out who is telling the truth from those who may be lying.