View Full Version : I change my phone how i can get my levels back for fashion story

06-20-11, 07:48 PM
i cant get i try all help me

06-20-11, 07:53 PM
Type 'transfer' in to the search function at the top and click the magnifying glass

kooky panda
06-20-11, 08:03 PM

Here is one thread

07-15-16, 02:21 PM
I need help getting back to my stage i changed phones

07-16-16, 06:45 AM
You can use the Login feature to transfer your storm ID and games over to your new device. For games (e.g. Bakery Story 2 / Farm Story 2) that do not have the login feature, you will need to use a game, except Restaurant Story, posted on Post 1 of the Login Feature thread.

Please see the instructions on post 1 of the New Logon on Feature (http://forum.storm8.com/showthread.php?59955-iOS-New-Login-feature-in-Restaurant-Story!-(login-applies-to-all-games)&p=759602&viewfull=1#post759602) thread.

If you have issues transferring yourself, you can email support@storm8.com and they can transfer your games.

If you are selling/giving away your old device, please send an email to Support and have them remove your ID tagged to your old device.