View Full Version : Gems

05-30-10, 07:54 PM
Can you only get gems buy purchasing them? Thought this game was "free"

05-31-10, 03:57 AM
Wether the game is free overall is an interesting question.

While it had now been confirmed that promotional downloads of other games from the same stable will soon earn you a one off gem bonus there remains no way to buy gems with anything other than real money.
That said there is nothing you can exchange gems for in game that is essential for play so, as I have not purchased any gems yet and am still enjoying myself, the game remains free for me. If that helps?

I understand how some are frustrated by this and might have preferred a single cost for the game from the outset but those who do buy the gems provide a steady revenue stream that pays for an active support network and frequent updates. Horses for courses really?